YouTube Red APK for Android Free Download


YouTube Red APK

YouTube Red APK for Android devices is a free download variant of YouTube for your phone. It has all the functionality of the regular YouTube application but with added red tinted icons. This means that it is more noticeable when movies or TV shows are being viewed. The YouTube application only allows one channel at a time. But the Red version is exclusive and allows you to watch multiple channels at the same time.

If you have tried out any of the free YouTube apps, then you will notice that they only let you watch a small selection of videos. Moreover, the restriction is not in place just to prevent piracy. In fact, it is done to ensure that people are enjoying their YouTube experience without hindrance. As such, if you are planning to watch videos on your phone, the best option is to download the free version of YouTube for android and use the YouTube Red APK app instead of the free version.

YouTube Red Free Version

Unlike the free version of YouTube, the paid version also lets you access the channel of your choice. This means that you can filter your preferred channels whenever you like. This feature is available in the free version only. On the other hand, the YouTube Red APK for Android devices also gives you the option of watching videos in high definition. If you have already downloaded the app, you will notice a prompt on your screen prompting that you install the app. Once you have done so, the installation process is quite simple.

The first step in the installation process is to download the official YouTube apk file from the website. You need to have the right device for this. The location of the download link is typically at the “share” or “install” area of the particular app. Once the download has been completed, you will be provided with a link to click on.

Installation of YouTube Red

Installation of the official android app of YouTube is quick and easy. Just follow the prompts and you will be done with the installation. Once the app is installed, you will need to connect your smartphone to the internet using a USB cable. Simply go to the Google Play Store and search for the YouTube app. If you do not see it in the list, look for “Google Android” and look for the same feature in the search engine.

The YouTube Red APK for Android devices allows you to watch all types of videos on your smartphone. For example, you may want to catch some free live soccer games. You can search for “watch live soccer” and you will be given a list of matches. Then, just tap on the match you want and enjoy the game.

YouTube Red APK Download

The YouTube Red APK also offers some other features that are useful to most users. For example, you may be able to search for videos based on their tags. This means you will be able to know what kind of videos are popular according to a certain topic. You can also use the popular tags to find the latest news and updates.

There are many other free tv apps and many other apps such as Whatsapp Web, facebook, instagram, etc that provides vital role in communication. You can also try these apps for free.

There are many other things to enjoy with the YouTube Red APK for Android devices. It is free of charge and it is compatible with almost all smartphones. If you have not checked out the latest version yet, it is recommended you do so immediately. It only lasts for a limited period and after that, the old version will be available for free download.

Free or Paid Version

Since the software is entirely free, it can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. After installing and updating, you can already enjoy watching videos from YouTube for free. And since it is completely free, there is no reason not to grab it right away.

Apart from YouTube, Google has other video hosting sites where you can upload your videos. You will not need an account to upload your videos. You will also be able to read the RSS feed from all these sites. This is great especially for those who want to know when someone uploaded a video that interests them.

While YouTube may be the most popular video sharing site, it still has its limitations. Unlike YouTube, you cannot upload full videos on the site. Also, it does not have a support system for third party applications. However, if you need such applications, you will be happy to know that there are several such applications available in the market. This is how you will be able to enjoy the features of YouTube Red Apk for android devices with ease.


Download YouTube Red APK latest version for Android free. It is compatible with Android all versions. It is the one which provides all services of video engine (YouTube). You must try it for video content.

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